Automatic deployment on code change

In this section, we will introduce a change to app, and see how AWS App Runner automatically identifies the change to our code, and builds and deploys the new version.

Edit a template

Browse to[YOUR_GITHUB_USER]/repostatus-gh-demo/edit/main/templates/repo.html to get a browser editor. You should see something similar to the below

GitHub editor

Let’s change the appearance of our app by making the text bold, wrap the text in the template with <b> and </b>, so that you end up with <b>This is the page for repostiory: {{¬†repo.repo_slug }}, contains data: {{ }}</b>

GitHub editor

Click Commit changes.

Valiate the deployment

Shortly after commiting the changes to your repository, AWS App Runner will start a new deployment activity. Go to Services -> apprunnerworkshop-app in the AWS App Runner console.

AppRunner Deployment

And you should see a new activity related to the change you just introduced.

When the status of our apprunnerworkshop-app service changes from Operation in progress to Running, we can have a look at our changes by browsing to https://[DOMAIN_HERE]/repo/[YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME]/repostatus-gh-demo, where we should now see the text in a bold font.