Create pre-requisites for the app

The app uses DynamoDB as a storage backend for the caching, to reduce the number of calls to the GitHub API. Before we deploy our application, we need to create a DynamoDB table, and ensure that our application is granted permissions to read and write to the table.

Examine and deploy the CloudFormation stack

To simplify the steps for creating the required IAM role an DynamoDB table, a CloudFormation template is part of the repository we have forked.

Let’s take a look at the CloudFormation template

In the provided CloudFormation template, two resources are provided, a DynamoDB table, and an IAM Role.

$ cat ~/environment/repostatus-gh-demo/hack/apprunner-prereqs-cfn.yaml

Deploy the CloudFormation stack

Execute the following command to deploy the CloudFormation stack

$ cd ~/environment/repostatus-gh-demo && aws cloudformation deploy \
  --stack-name repostatus-gh-demo-infra \
  --template-file hack/apprunner-prereqs-cfn.yaml \
  --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM

The output should look similar to this:

Waiting for changeset to be created..
Waiting for stack create/update to complete
Successfully created/updated stack - repostatus-gh-demo-infra

Use the following command to inspect what resources have been created by the CloudFormation stack

$ aws cloudformation describe-stack-resources --stack-name repostatus-gh-demo-infra --output text
STACKRESOURCES  Role    repostatus-gh-demo-infra-Role-1T58V5WPCQH6S     CREATE_COMPLETE AWS::IAM::Role  arn:aws:cloudformation:eu-west-1:1234567891012:stack/repostatus-gh-demo-infra/3e9d5060-c917-11eb-9cd7-0610fe338635       repostatus-gh-demo-infra        2021-06-09T11:39:44.638000+00:00
STACKRESOURCES  Table   repostatus_cache        CREATE_COMPLETE AWS::DynamoDB::Table    arn:aws:cloudformation:eu-west-1:1234567891012:stack/repostatus-gh-demo-infra/3e9d5060-c917-11eb-9cd7-0610fe338635       repostatus-gh-demo-infra        2021-06-09T11:39:24.537000+00:00

That’s it for pre-prequisities, now we are ready to move on to AWS App Runner.